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Community events

Sergiu often appears at community events and festivals in Quebec and Ontario; he has been invited by the Moldavian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Jewish and Roma communities on various occasions. He is knowledgeable and respectful of the cultural traditions practiced by each of them, and aware of inter-generational differences which exist within the community. Sergiu always seems to know what music his audience will want to hear...

Sergiu, Meluta and Gutui at Romani Yag Gypsy Festival
Photo: Mathieu Di Martino

Marina and Sergiu perform in a school, 2008

Moldavian musicians with Ambassador of Moldova
Photo: Studio Avant-Garde, 2009

Sergiu and hungarian musicians play for dancers
Photo: Marta Fodor

Rona Hartner and Carmen Piculeata at Café Sarajevo, 2008
Photo: Jessica Gal