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"Ah... Sergiu Popa's album on my CD player finally and already twice on my Espace musique/Radio-Canada show in the course of three weeks! Looks like it's going to become a regular this summer as I'm hosting a daily World music program coast to coast! I just can't wait 'cause this crazy Moldavian accordion virtuoso now turned Montrealer is going to score big time all over the place, and I say Hopa to that!"

Dan Behrman, host of Espace Musique, Radio-Canada


The Best of Gypsy, Folk, Fusion, Jazz from a World-Class Artist

“This new CD finally provides Popa his much-deserved breakthrough. For gurus of the gypsy/roma/balkan/folk idiom, Popa's ability to play the various styles of the different nations with equal comfort is remarkable. For fans of fusion/jazz, the gypsy music from the villages of the Balkans is brought to you in a style accessible to the "western" ear. While Popa is well-known throughout his home country of Moldavia and new home, Canada, as one of the leading proponents of Romanian folk music, this CD will surely open audience's ears to Popa's modern stylings and improvisational abilities. Backed up by a virtuosic crew of musicians, this CD is a "must hear" for a wide scope of listeners.”

Kalman Magyar for Hungaria Records ( (posted at


“Accordionist Sergiu Popa is one of those hundreds of hidden treasures which we continually discover, one by one, here in Montreal. […] A genius instrumentalist, he is full of curiosity, and possesses an innate sense of improvisation. With one foot in the village wedding and the other exploring the orient, he also provides his take on bebop and latin rhythms. We even hear the pan flute, approached with a fresh perspective. Yes, he does vandalize Brahms' 3rd symphony a little with the beat box, but since he asks us specifically to forgive him, we will gladly do so.”

Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Montreal