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Sergiu Popa's 2nd album is a reflection of his life in Montreal over the past 10 years, featuring guest appearances by some of the city's top artists from various backgrounds, even a remix by SoCalled!The CD is available for order at CDBaby.

Read an article by Yves Bernard, published in Le Devoir (in French only) and another by blogger David Roy (in French only)

  Aman Avci (with Didem Basar & Ismail Hakki Fencioglu)

Shopsko Groove (with Vassil Markov)

Chika-Laka (with Traian Markov)

Mik Mik (with Traian Markov & Vassil Markov)

Blues Transfused (with Jessica Gal & Kelly Watling)

  Moroccan Jewish Love Trilogy (with David Lasry)

Gerizler Başinda (with Ismail Hakki Fencioglu & Didem Basar)

Neuf (with Carmen Piculeata)

A Socalled Re-Mik-S (Socalled)


Sergiu’s first independently produced album, ‘Obsession Accordéon’, was released in May, 2006. This solo album features several special guest artists, including:

Sergiu shares his contemporary interpretations of Gypsy and folk music from Eastern Europe, his own masterful improvisations and even experiments with electronic music. The CD is available for purchase through CD Baby.


  Si ma devla ek chayorie (trad)

Dor de Cas? (S. Popa)

Serbian Gypsy Wedding (trad)

Armenian Tango (arr. S. Popa) / vets outerort (trad)

Gypsy trip with Pan Flute (S. Popa / R. Vaduva)

Bulgarian medley (trad)

Lebanese love songs (trad)

  Moldavian be-bop (arr. S. Popa)

  Electro-Gypsy Brahms (arr. S. Popa)