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Known for his lovely tenor voice and flat-picking fiddle tunes on the guitar, Gordon loves playing with fiddlers and is an expert accompanist. "My Dad played fiddle and Don Messer's Jubilee was a highlight when I was growing up". Born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Gord played bass in a High School band, toured with a puppet theatre, was Artistic Director of the Regina Folk Festival and Co-ordinator of the Emma Lake Fiddle Camp. He currently plays and sings Irish and Scottish songs in the Montreal area.


Isak Goldshneider, clarinet

Isak's first contact with klezmer came from his father, a frequent musical performer in the 1950's-era Borscht Belt. He has worked with several well-known klezmer/fusion ensembles including the Orchestre de Shabab and the Yiddish Columbia State Orchestra, and enjoys working with some of Montreal's finest creative powers such as the Shatra duo and trumpetress Amy Horvey. He has also collaborated as a writer and producer with numerous musical ensembles, such as the Thunder Bay Symphony and the Victoria Music Corner Ensemble.


Bokreta girls

Founded in 1967, Bokréta is the only Hungarian folk ensemble in Montreal and one of the most reputable in North America. Bokréta strives to reflect Hungarian traditions as accurately as possible onstage. Hungarian dance relies a great deal on improvised movements; for Bokréta, it is vital to maintain this aspect of individual expression, and it is the signature of the troupe’s onstage performances.

For more information about this unique and dynamic Ensemble and their upcoming events, please visit their website,


Sergiu and Irem Bekter
Photo: Sylvain Légaré, Festival MMM 2007

Irem is a multi-disciplinary artist – singer, dancer and actress. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, she lived and studied in England for several years, receiving a degree first from the Royal Academy of Dancing and subsequently from the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1984, she moved to Argentina and was drawn to traditional indigenous music and dance from the region. Over the years, she became an expert in zapateo and chacarera and created a theatrical concept around these styles, which is a delight to the audience. Living in Montreal since 2006, Irem has founded and performs with her own ensemble, ‘Irem Bekter et ses Diabluras’. She also teaches the tango and performs songs from the repertoire of Édith Piaf and other icons of the French chansonnier genre.