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The Sergiu Popa Ensemble

Sergiu Popa Ensemble with Marina
Studios Avant-Garde, 2009

The Sergiu Popa Ensemble is an acoustic quintet based in Montreal, led by Gypsy (Roma) accordionist Sergiu Popa. The other members of the ensemble are Jessica Gal (violin), Samito Matsinhe (piano, guitar, kalimba), Roman Manolache (bass) and Rémy Sealey (percussion). The Ensemble play their own unique arrangements of music from across the region of Eastern Europe, both traditional and composed, which seamlessly blend and incorporate rhythms, instrumentation and harmonies from latin, caribbean, jazz and oriental styles. It can truly be categorized as ‘Montreal music’ since it was born in the heart of one of the world’s most multi-cultural cities, as a collaboration between musicians or very different backgrounds. Every piece leaves plenty of room for improvisation, especially by Sergiu Popa, a virtuoso whose greatest musical creations are often spontaneous.

The Ensemble is also performs a more semi-classically oriented repertoire including arranged folk songs from Russia and Moldova, in collaboration with Moldavian vocalist Marina Negruta.

The Ensemble is currently recording its first CD; in the meantime, please listen to some exerpts from our demo, recorded in 2008:

  Zahodite Na Oganiok

  Hora reggae